We facilitate sourcing from a curated selection of artists, craftsmen and manufacturers that give communities vibrancy. We’ve met our makers, done our homework and gone to great lengths to tell their stories. Most importantly, we make it convenient to shop in just a few simple steps.

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Think outside the box & make your gift go further.

Pack Elephant’s mission is to bring high-volume, sustainable business to the variety of diverse talent living and working in our hyper-local communities. We’ve watched too many makers abandon their passion after hitting a ceiling of resource and access. Beyond markets and craft shows, achieving visibility can be a challenge in a digital world crowded with options…but makers are our neighbors. They are small shops, friends, mothers, fathers and teachers that contribute to our community in a multitude of ways. Let’s highlight, celebrate and enable their trades - as many as we can - together.

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Winsome Kirton and Seghen Aklilu, founders of Pack Elephant, go all the way back to a pre-freshman summer program at the University of Pennsylvania. After a post-grad rendezvous with NYC where careers flourished in global advertising and big box retail, best friends parted ways to begin new life chapters in Grand Rapids, MI and Austin, TX…or so they thought. Coordinated coffee breaks and long lunches in the big apple are behind them, but the dream of working together and creating value through strategic problem solving is alive and well.

Pack Elephant's concept was inspired by real trips taken domestically and abroad over a period of 10 years, since meeting in college. The duo found that in spite of their experience arranging trips for leisure and business, there was always one matter they could never truly plan for - where to start looking for unique, locally made goods in unfamiliar territory. Pack Elephant resolves this dilemma by making it easy to find and buy a curated selection of products based on where they are made - down to the city.

Today, they give small-batch manufacturers and independent makers direct access to high volume sales and premium marketing through the vehicle of corporate gifting. With backgrounds in advertising and retail, Winsome and Seghen are ready to shift the currency of community impact: creating an easy way to give more meaningful tokens of appreciation while supporting small, local businesses at scale.




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