Meet Our Featured Artist: Kate Lewis

Pack Elephant is thrilled to introduce Kate Lewis, one of our featured artists from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Learn more about Lewis' process and journey - and make sure you check out her ceramic ware in our soon to be released  ‘Morning Pack.’

Kate Hands.jpg

Kate Lewis was originally born in Massachusetts and has lived as far as Germany. She is now based in Grand Rapids and has set up shop (literally) in her home producing ceramic pottery. Formally trained at Michigan State University, Lewis began her career as an installation artist and then shifted into pottery based on her interest in functional design. Much of her style mimics nature and the glazes she uses are inspired by the seasons – brighter colors in the summer and more neutral tones in the fall and winter. Lewis makes everyday art that is rustic but elegant and inspired by her personal travels, collaborations with clients, and through her studies of other artists’ work. If you ever find yourself at The Sovengard you will find some of her work in the elegant simplicity of their dishes, which go hand in hand with the restaurant’s Scandinavian theme.

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