Coffee Shop Faves In Grand Rapids

Here at Pack Elephant, we love to share our journey for good food, good drink, and good times. The plethora of choices can seem overwhelming as there are a seemingly infinite number of options, and the list only continues to grow. Here are some of our current top 5 faves for coffee shops in Grand Rapids!

1. Ferris Coffee: a Grand Rapids staple with a seemingly endless assortment of coffee

2. Madcap Coffee Company: very chill, modern space with surprisingly sophisticated coffee

3. Early Bird Cafe: don’t just go for the coffee, go for the bacon & chive scones

4. Rowster Coffee: it’s pronounced ROASTER and it's as delicious as it is cheeky

5. Lightfast Coffee + Art: it’s all in the name, grab some Brooklyn-based roasts and enjoy the art


Seghen Aklilu