Grab A Growler

It’s been a hot summer here in Grand Rapids, but that hasn’t stopped us from frolicking around town to our favorite breweries! This lovely city was recently crowned with the hotly contested “Beer City, USA” title and it definitely lives up to the name. You’ll find hidden gems in all corners of the city - some more obvious than others, some recognizable and others not so much. Founders is a known staple that has received national recognition, and other spots - Grand Rapids Brewing, Mitten Brewing and New Holland - are up there on the list. You’re guaranteed to find something you love, and won’t leave disappointed.

All that said, as newcomers to the East Hills neighborhood, our favorite local watering hole has undoubtedly become Brewery Vivant; the only place where you are encouraged to drink… in church. Ok, it’s not an old church; it was actually a funeral home - even better! The interior architecture calls to mind an old Dutch monastery with high vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows and original decorative beams. Amidst bierhalle style communal tables is booth seating made from old pews (yes!) but the pinnacle of this experience is at the bar - the converted altar. Brewery Vivant never has less than 15 house brews on tap, and in the summer they’re known for their rotating house sours. Just find your favorite and take it home in a growler!

The next time you visit Grand Rapids, we strongly encourage a trip out to East Hills where unique beer meets undoubtedly unique experience. Get to know the friendly bartenders and buy a round for the kitchen. We didn’t mention the food, but that’s on point too!

Winsome Kirton