The Goods Of Grand Rapids

Celebrating your friend’s bachelorette party for a long weekend, dropping in on the way from Detroit to Chicago, or exploring Grand Rapids as a new resident? There is a lot to uncover in this Midwest town, and the more you find, the more you’ll appreciate this city for the American gem that it is. The local scene runs deep with restaurants, bars, open air markets, breweries, and small mom and pop retailers that elevate this city into one of a kind. You’ll see “Local First” signage in most storefront windows, and notice that the culture is largely defined by supporting all neighbors in their business ventures.

Here at Pack Elephant, we have taken on the task of curating items from Grand Rapids as well as the immediate surrounding region, to ensure that all products offered in our gift packs are true to source. Our journey to find the goods of this city has taken us from artisanal festivals to farmers markets, and all corners of the various shopping districts from Eastown to the West Side. We take the time to speak to artists and local business owners, hear their stories, and listen to what they believe is the best representation of their work. After all, the Pack Elephant mission is to give our local neighbors a platform where they can share the work they are most proud of.