Snack Pack

Snack Pack


Enjoy a delicious assortment of snack foods and beverages, all locally sourced right in Michigan.

  • Salt & Pepper Peanuts | Lush Gourmet Foods

  • Chocolate Cherry Tiger Nut Granola | Spera Foods

  • Blueberry Jam With Ginger | Cellar Door

  • Chocolate Ganache Pair | Patricia’s Chocolate

  • All-Natural Honey Sticks | The Sister Bees

  • 100% cotton tote bag included

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Lush Gourmet Foods, Grand Rapids | Salt & Pepper Peanuts

Lush Gourmet Foods is committed to using USA grown ingredients and no preservatives. This sea salt and light pepper mix brings out the sweetness in the peanut coating - a perfect compliment to any beer. Naturally gluten and soy free, and kosher certified, this makes a perfect quick snack. 1.15 oz

Spera Foods, Holland | Chocolate Cherry Tiger Nut Granola

With a passion for health and wellness, and inspiration from abroad, Spera Foods began baking with the tiger nut - a nutrition packed root eaten popularly as a snack in West Africa. Made in the Downtown Market’s Incubator Kitchen, the granola is nut, gluten and dairy free. 8 oz

Cellar Door Preserves, Grand Rapids | Blueberry Jam With Ginger

Made in the Downtown Market’s Incubator Kitchen, Michigan sourced produce is used to make uniquely flavored preserves. This jam features blueberries steeped with fresh ginger and chopped with candied ginger. Each bite is a surprise! 4 oz

Patricia’s Chocolate, Grand Haven | Chocolate Ganache Pair

After many years of teaching, Patty trained at the Chicago Pastry School to become a master of chocolate confection. Featured are MI blueberries, wine, vanilla bean, dark chocolate, and Fortunato No. 4 - a 68% blend made with Peruvian Pocelana cacao beans. 2 pieces.

The Sister Bees, Ludington | All-Natural Honey Sticks

This women-owned farm produces a breadth of bee products, and sells honey sticks filled with 100% raw honey - great for sweetening beverages, or satisfying a sweet tooth! 5 sticks.